Film Actors Workshops

"Robert's workshops are amazing! I keep coming back to his classes. I'm in my 4th session. As an actor, I've had 2 'epiphanys' on how to be a much better actor. Everytime I come to his classes, I learn something new. Every time." Actor James Bouchet (sitting, center of photo)

CLASSES for Mondays or Tuesdays, 2008, still have openings.

   The next intensive film actors 8-week workshop, begins on Monday, March 17th, from 7:30pm-10pm OR Tuesday, March 18th, from 7:30pm-10pm, in Columbia, Md.  Only 8 people will be accepted. That's all. only 8.

Registration for March, 2008 classes have begun.

Sarah Harper & Jennifer Hopkins in a scene from Film Actors Workshop.

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Highlights of the workshop:
~Let's start with The film Audition: what is the one commodity you have that NO ONE else all the world?  Clue: THAT'S what you sell...not only your talent.
~COMING ACROSS on camera...the one quality that will always bring you major attention. But how?
~YOU GOT THE ROLE! Now what? TALENT is not enough. You definitely need it...but it's not enough.
~ ACTING is: ..."responding to stimuli in imaginary circumstances in an imaginative and dynamic manner, that is stylistically true to time and space, so as to communicate ideas and emotions to an audience". Tony Barr, from his book "Acting For The Camera" (Harper Collins Publishers)
***At the end of the course: You'll get a DVD or VHS tape of your final assigned scene, fully edited, with music score...that you can copy and use for your auditions***
~~Our entire 8 weeks will be spent in front of the camera. If you cannot finish the course, don't register. Your team depends on you.
~~Cost is $325 for the entire 8 weeks.
~~You will be considered for future casting of upcoming film projects.
To register: email at

Past and current students of Robert's Film Actors workshops. Johnny Alonso is 2nd from left. Kevin Mayberry, who stars in "The Sobbing Stone", is 3rd from right.

Testimonials to Robert Christie's Film Actors Workshops

"Robert Christie's workshops are the Strasberg Studio of the Baltimore/D.C. Metro area. He is an amazing coach and director!" Johnny Alonso, "One Tree Hill", "The O.C.", "Dawson's Creek".

"When I move to Hollywood this year, I wish I could take Robert with me. Nobody I know works better with actors!"  Irv Becker, "The Tango Dancer", "Will to Power", "Johnny Come Lately", "The Last Mango", "Fraternal Order".

"Rob's class has really advanced me as an actor.  I no longer go into an audition with self-doubt. Now I go in with much more self-confidence, and the ability to grasp a quicker understanding of a cold read. If you want to raise your level of acting to the ceiling, Robert Christie's class is the one I highly recommend."  Kevin Mayberry, McLean, Va.

"Robert G. Christie's acting workshop really helped me understand how to use various aspects of my own personality & feelings while incorporating them into characters I portray. I've learned to focus on the deepest needs, wants and fears that effect us all to bring out the best in my performance. Additionally, the knowledge, talent and experience of acting professional Johnny Alonso (one of the guest speakers) has provided invaluable advice and insight on technique & vital aspects of the industry.  This course is highly recommended for everyone!"  Dave Cooperman, Baltimore, Md.

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