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Now on DVD, it screened at the N.Y. International Film Festival in New York City, May, 2006...and will now appear in various forms throughout the nation.

It has been nominated for Best Drama Feature at the Sabaoth International Film Festival, 2006, in Milan, Italy.



    "I thought it was wonderful! All through  the  film, I was thinking I knew what the sounds were supposed to mean...but I never dreamed it was Judas that tied it all together. I have always loved stories that have twist endings or surprise endings...Sobbing Stone gives us just that." John Martin, Christian  Filmworks Magazine

“...the ending is very powerful and will definitely put  the viewer into a position of deciding what he/she believes concerning  Christianity. It is definitely worth viewing.”  Edwin L. Carpenter, The Dove Foundation (Dove.org)

"This movie affected me even more than 'The Passion of the Christ'! "   Jan Abney, TBN viewer 

"I didn't realize how riveting it was going to be! It was edge-of-the-seat for me and my daughter - all the way!" Catherlene Hubbard, author of "The Reverend Doctor", soon to be a major motion picture.


"The plot was...unique.... The acting; superb. The message; timely and needful. I would rate "The Sobbing Stone" a 5-star production with 2 thumbs up, holding those stars high! "William Cooper, author & playright.
"(Sobbing Stone) is a keeper! "Don Ward, IBI Global, Inc.

"Robert Christie's best film to date! Intense, really intense!" Johnny Alonso, "One Tree Hill", "The O.C.", "Dawson's Creek" :

Directing on the set of "The Church", created & Executive Produced by Keith Ward (Full Quiver Productions) www.fullquiverproductions.com

Shallow Deep, a drama-thriller

"Shallow Deep" the movie, at The Senator Theater, Baltimore, Md., October 2002. Also screened at the New York International Film Festival, September 2002; in Las Vegas, November 2002...and in Los Angeles, February 2003.

"No Longer My Twin" premiere

Poster for "No Longer My Twin", a supernatural/mystery indie movie, at New York International Film Festival, February 2002...and Las Vegas, April 2002.

Now being Distributed by Frontier Film Releases

"No Longer My Twin" is rated PG and stars Fran Lane, Sandra Lynn O'Brien, Adrienne Newberg, Michael Brecher, Tom Fink, Robert G. Christie

with Maria "Gypsy" Angelucci, Leanna Chamish, Sandy Lisiewski, Lynn Sprinkle, Norman Rebadow

The film recently screened at Gardel's Restaurant, celebrating its distribution with Frontier Film Releases.


Go to Gardel's website for more info on the Indie Film Nights on Thursday nights, every week!


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Upcoming or completed projects:

"Lighter Shade of Grey", a full feature film about swimmer Bobby Garcia and  the Morehouse Tigersharks, the first pre-dominantly black college swimming team being considered for the International Swimming Hall of Fame in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. The winningest athletic team in Morehouse College's history. From 1958 till 1976, the Tigersharks won 255 meets and lost only 25.

Bobby Garcia (now filmmaker Robert Garcia Christie), a Hispanic from New York City's Spanish Harlem, attended Morehouse from 1966-'70, during the turbulent '60's, MLK's assassination, and Black Panther era. For a short period of time, Samuel L. Jackson was a member of the team (see pics on Morehouse-Spelman page). The film is to be shot in 2009.

Currently in developmnent for the screenplay, "Why Me" with writer Michael Young, soon to be a full feature film. More on this as it develops.


"The Sobbing Stone", a science fiction/supernatural/pschological thriller.

"The Sobbing Stone": a group of modern-day scientists, four researchers of psychic phenomena, Judas, Jesus, and angry mobs......once you're exposed to the Sobbing Stone, you're never the same.

The film was nominated Best Feature Drama at the Sabaoth International Film Festival in Milan, Italy (November 2006).


"Cracked Mirror", a psychological horror/thriller, written by Robert G. Christie.


"Uncle Jesus", a sitcom pilot, created/written by Fernando Battle, already shot and edited, currently being shopped to networks. Fernando is also from Morehouse class of '98.

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