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The undefeated Morehouse Tigersharks of 1966-67

At top left is Bobby Garcia, now known as filmmaker/actor Robert G. Christie (photo right). In February of 1967, the Tigersharks appeared on Jet Magazine; and in May of '67 they appeared in Ebony Magazine...photos and all.


Tigersharks Reunion, May, 2007 

A Tigersharks reunion took place on the weekend of May 18th & 19th (2007) on the campus of Morehouse College.
We met at the swimming pool at Archer Hall. 18 people showed up...16 of them former swimmers, and 2 supporters from
back in the day.
The entire reunion was videotaped. Below are some of the photos. At the end of our meeting, we formed a
circle (though not in the water), named each of our former teammates who has passed on, in dedication, including
our Coach, Dr. James E. Haines...then we sang the Morehouse Alma Mater.
It was a very moving teary-eyed moment.

From left to right: Rafael Sanchez, Bobby Garcia (now filmmaker Robert Garcia Christie) ,
Pete Santiago, Byron Richardson, 911 hero Rene Davila, and Dawud Akbar (formerly David Watkins)

Left: freestyler Byron Richardson, now owner of an auto repair shop, talking
with one of our many supporters from back-in-the-day.

Left photo: formerly David Watkins, now devout muslim, Dawud Akbar. He was my
competition in the butterfly stroke events.

Right photo: freestyler-backstroker Pete Santiago, now retired from N.Y. State government.

    Indie filmmaker, Bobby Garcia, '70 (a.k.a. Robert Garcia Christie) videotaped the entire event, for the making of "Tigersharks", a full feature motion picture to be shot in 2009.

    The team is now being considered as Honorary Inductees into the International Swimming Hall of Fame in Florida. 


"Tigersharks", a full feature film about the Morehouse Tigersharks, the first pre-dominantly black college swimming team being considered for the International Swimming Hall of Fame in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. The winningest athletic team in Morehouse College's history. From 1958 till 1976, the Tigersharks won 255 meets and lost only 25. Bobby Garcia (now Robert Garcia Christie), a Hispanic from New York City's Spanish Harlem, attended Morehouse from 1966-'70, during the turbulent '60's, MLK's assassination, and Black Panther era. For a short period of time, Samuel L. Jackson was a member of the team (see pics on Morehouse-Spelman page). The film is to be shot in 2009.


Above left: Some of the Spelman College Homecoming queens and attendants...the tall lady on the left became a "disco diva" of the '70's...she's Llewelyn Barton. Above right: Miss Maroon & White 1966, and her court.

Left photo: 4th from left is Mary Cummings, actress with the Morehouse-Spelman Players of Dr. Baldwin Burroughs. She
later became a singer while in the U.S. Navy (right photo).

On her left is Denise Fleming and Karen Hughes, also members of the Morehouse-Spelman Players.


During 1965 through 1970 alone, the Tigersharks lost only 1 meet...to Georgia Tech, by only 2 points. They beat Emory University, however, by about 17 points. Yes, Sam Jackson was a Tigershark for a while. Coach Haines (standing far right) and Juan Lieba, our superstar swimmer (standing 4th from right), have both passed away.


Our favorite sister, Lois Williams, the only Miss Tigersharks in Morehouse history.



Michael Wright (front row, 3rd from left) has also passed on.


Spence is the author of the book "Above Our Heads: The Making of a Morehouse Man"...with a forward by Dr. Calvin O. Butts, III...class of '70....with edited work by a Spelmanite, Andree Penix.



Left photo: that's me on the right in full make-up for "Antigone". Eddie Billups is on the left.
Right photo: that beautiful lady in the center is Joyce Ashford, who played the lead role of Antigone.

The Morehouse/Spelman Players, under the leadership of the legendary Baldwin Burroughs. The theater inside the Fine Arts Building at Spelman is named after him. Some past luminaries who have been members of the troupe....Andrea Frye, Georgia Allen, Hannibal Penny, LaTanya Richardson, Adrienne Lanier, Samuel L. Jackson, Bill Nunn, Johnny Popwell, Charles Mann, Eddie Billups, Saundra Dunson and Walter Dallas who is Producing Artistic Director at Freedom Theater in Philadelphia...with guest artists such as Diana Sands, Harold Scott, Clayton Corbin and New York's Negro Ensemble. Broadway playright, Carlton Mollette, had many of his works produced at Spelman, as well as the works of Ossie Davis and Ruby Dee. By the way...look carefully, you'll find me...in all of the photos.


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