TV commercials for your fit your budget!

Think of it...your business being seen on cable TV by tens of thousands of one sitting alone.

Your TV commercial produced and ready to air...for as little as $500, or up to $5,'s up to you.

As advertising agents, we'll get you on the Cable TV

And cable TV is incredibly affordable!

As low as $15 per showing for a 30-second commercial...or up to $100 and $200 per showing, depending on which network, and times of day.

TV commercials work. They bring you customers. Ask any successful business.

TV commercials are on the airwaves constantly...even at 3 and 4 a.m.....when you're fast asleep.

We've said enough. Let's go make your commercial...

...and put your business on the cable TV airwaves in less than a week's time.

Give us a call, give us a try.

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